FREE RESOURCE GUIDE: Fastest, Safest, and Cheapest Online Dealers to Buy Physical Gold & Silver Bullion

I’ve spent months testing dozens of different dealers weeding out the bad ones and have compiled a list of the most credible online dealers so you can start buying worry-free your gold and silver today!


I’ve had some questions about mining stocks, gold and silver mining stocks. And although I think it’s important to have a strong physical position in actual physical gold and silver that is within your possession or stored safely somewhere. But before you get into mining stocks, make sure that you at least start your journey [...]

It’s been a while since I posted anything, but there’s been some changes in the market and so I wanted to get something out there and express some of my thoughts on what’s going on with the gold and silver markets. First of all, gold and silver have been in a bear market the last [...]

So, lately I’ve been getting a few questions on people asking me, “So, how much do I need to get going, to get started with gold and silver investments?” And when I hear that question, that seems to imply that maybe they’re thinking you need a ton of money to get going, you need a [...]

So, I have got the perfect Valentine’s gift which is just around the corner. And you know what? Instead of buying gold jewelry at the department store or somewhere like that or a jewelry store, you ought to invest your money wisely. Especially if you’re a gold and silver investor, the best way to buy [...]

Anyone’s been following the markets, that the last couple of years, especially 2017, there has been just a fantastic rise of cryptocurrencies. And there is, I think there’s like 1,100 different cryptocurrencies and for the most part, it looks like all of them have gone up in the last year or so. It’s currently February [...]

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