m Dallas Piscopo and the creator of AztecGoldSilver.com.  I’m part of a group of insightful investors that build real wealth with real assets, real value, and promoting the return of real money.

We don’t accept fiat paper money backed by nothing.  We believe real money and durable wealth are backed by hard, tangible, productive assets that maintain value throughout time which gold and silver have proven time and again for thousands of years.

Like all fiat currencies in history, modern day fiat currencies will eventually collapse giving rise to the biggest wealth transfer the world has ever seen back into gold, silver, and other real assets.

We’re different than conventional investors because our passion for gold and silver investments is not fueled by just greed and personal gain, but we’re inspired to bring back sound money and responsible monetary principles that have been completely abandoned in our current, broken economic system.

Central banks, corrupt banking cartels, and incompetent politicians have destroyed the principles of sound money and healthy monetary practices.

Their manipulations into world markets are responsible for countless artificial bubbles, destructive crashes, wars, immoral bailouts, hyper-inflations, and unprecedented debt that has destroyed the middle class and future generations.

Institutions like the Federal Reserve and other Central Banks have complete disregard for sound, fair, money and have demonstrated an uncontrollable sickness to create trillions of dollars out of thin-air backed by nothing, except by the obligation for WE, tax payers, and future generations to fully pay back with interest.

They have proven through their actions and policies that protecting the purchasing power of ordinary citizens is not their concern at all… instead they’re in the business of corporate welfare and providing cheap money to out-of-control governments and corrupt banking cartels.

Gold and silver with the will of the People have the power to crush these evil forces and usher in a new world of sound, fair, sustainable monetary policies backed by real money.

We are Gold & Silver Stackers!  Come join the movement.

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