Best Valentine’s Gift for GOLD Investors

So, I have got the perfect Valentine’s gift which is just around the corner. And you know what? Instead of buying gold jewelry at the department store or somewhere like that or a jewelry store, you ought to invest your money wisely.

Especially if you’re a gold and silver investor, the best way to buy gold jewelry is to work with companies that actually sell gold. First of all, they sell investment-grade gold jewelry which is 22-karat to 24-karat gold.

And you’re paying for the gold content and not so much for the design, the premium, that if you go to a regular jewelry store. I mean, they put an incredible markup in the design, and you’re actually paying more for the design than you are for the actual gold content.

So, if you’re going to go out and buy jewelry for your significant other this Valentine’s day, just go to the right dealer and buy 22 or 24-karat gold, and pay…And it’s actually like a gold investment because you’re paying a very low premium on the actual design.

So it’s a great way you get to invest in gold, you get a great, beautiful gift for your significant other, and it’s just the best way to go. And it’s a beautiful design.

I just found a new company. Previously, I’d recommend  They actually sell investment-grade jewelry. But I just recently discovered a new company called Mené.com, which Mené, I guess that’s an old term for money.

Everything that they sell is 24 karat. That’s fine gold jewelry and it’s very reasonable pricing. They show you exactly what you’re paying for. They have what you’re paying for in gold, the gold value of each item. And then they show the premium, you know, the markup for the design. And it’s very reasonable. The markup is pretty low. It’s the best that I’ve ever seen with gold jewelry, and it’s a great investment as well.

I found out it’s actually owned by, which is another company that I do recommend for buying allocated gold and silver storage.

But anyways, check out Mené.com. It’s where I’m going to be shopping for my Valentine’s gift. And it’s a great option. Check it out.

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Dallas Piscopo


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