Buy Gold and Make Wife Very Happy

So how to buy gold and at the same time make your wife or significant other very happy?

This goes back…just got through Christmas, and I’m always trying to figure what to get for my wife. And so my wife loves jewelry but I’m always reluctant to buy jewelry just because there’s such an incredible markup.

If you ever go to the jewelry store, you’ll notice it’s the industry where items are marked up the most. So there’s an incredible markup.

Plus, whether you’re buying the gold or silver, it’s…with gold it may be like a 14 or I think the…14-karat or I think the most I’ve seen is like 18-karat, typically.

And so if you figure out how much you’re actually paying in troy ounces of gold, using gold as an example, it’s like a complete ripoff if you just go to a regular jewelry store.

And so being a gold and silver investor, knowing what I’m buying and knowing…always knowing what the spot price is of gold and silver, it’s just tough for me to open up my wallet and pay like three, four, five times more for a piece of gold jewelry, five times more than what it’s actually worth its weight in gold.

So, one way I’ve been able to invest in gold, but then at the same time make my wife very happy with gifts and…is actually buying investment-grade gold jewelry.

Check it out. The other day, about last week, I bought this 22-karat gold chain necklace.

And so this is investment-grade gold jewelry. It’s 22-karat, that’s 91.6% pure gold in this necklace.

And in this particular necklace or chain, there’s about…just about under a half troy ounce of gold.

So I bought this particular gold chain at

Now typically I don’t use to buy gold and silver bullion in coins. It’s a credible source, it’s a good site, they have a lotta good information, you’re not gonna get ripped off there, but typically their prices are a little bit more expensive than some of the other places that I like to buy.

But other online gold and silver dealers, I haven’t been able to find any that sell investment-grade gold jewelry. So being that I trust and being that they have a pretty good selection of investment-grade gold jewelry, I went with them last week for the first time and actually bought from them from the first time.

And pretty happy with the purchase.  Any time you’re buying jewelry, you’re always gonna pay a little bit of a premium.

So I payed about $875 for this that was delivered to my house. And in gold it’s worth about right now I think it’s about $560, something like that, $570. So payed about $300 more than what it was actually worth in gold.

But again that’s typical. Even if you buy a gold coin, you’re gonna pay a little bit more. You’re gonna pay quite a bit more or a percentage more over the actual spot price. That’s normal and even more so with jewelry.

If you’re going to buy a gold, investment-grade gold jewelry, I would definitely recommend

I thought they did well. A little bit slow in the processing. There were some transaction fees, but like I said, it’s a little bit more expensive there but they’re one of the only gold…online gold dealers that actually carry investment-grade gold jewelry.

So it works out perfectly. I scratch my itch as a gold and silver investor and I feel like I’m investing my money well spent in something that’s gonna maintain its value and something that could be passed on for generations and is real money, real gold, and at the same time… I make my wife very happy with a beautiful piece of gold jewelry that she’s gonna love for a very long time.

And to me it’s kind of a win-win in my particular situation. So you may find that useful as well when come Valentine’s Day, or Christmas, or your wife’s birthday, whatever it may be, think about investment-grade gold jewelry. I think it’s money well spent.

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