How to Buy Physical GOLD & SILVER Without Having to Store It Yourself

So, how do you buy physical gold and silver without having to store it yourself?

I came across this problem because when I first started buying physical gold and silver I was buying a lot of bullion, and coins, and just stacking it, and storing it myself in my closet. Eventually, I bought a safe but as the gold and silver started building up and as it was increasing in value and wealth, I started to feel pretty uncomfortable about storing that amount of wealth at my house.

And so a few years back I eventually moved just about all of my physical gold and silver to a secure offsite storage location that’s easily accessible, that I could always get to, in case of an emergency, it’s there when I need it.

But it allows me to sleep well at night and go out of town without having to worry about my gold and silver being stolen.

Unfortunately that’s one thing you always gotta worry about, that is a downside of buying physical gold and silver is you gotta worry about storage.

And the bigger your stack gets the more you gotta worry about it. So since then, I was trying to figure out, so now that I got a majority of the physical gold safely stored outside of my house, I wanted to find a way to continue to buy physical gold and silver, but without having to store it myself.

So what I found is there is a company called, and this company is based out of the UK, and so what you do is they sell you physical gold and silver at a pretty good price as well. It’s very close, one of the closest prices you can get to the actual spot price.

And this is allocated storage, so they store your physical gold and silver for you. And what that means allocated is that every gram, every troy ounce that they sell you is in your name.

They cannot sell more gold or silver than what they have, and if you ever request to have it delivered to you personally they will send it to you in its physical form.

So it’s allocated to you and for all intents and purposes, it’s your gold and silver, and it’s well-accounted for, and they keep up with audits. And so it’s a legitimate company, it’s been around for a while, it’s a credible company and for a good chunk of my gold and silver investments I feel okay buying through them and I’m gonna continue to buy through them.

So I just found it to be a convenient way to continue to buy physical gold and silver, but without having to store it myself. And they do charge, it’s a very reasonable small monthly storage fee.

But I think you’ll find it useful and if you’re interested in setting up an account, go to, and if you’d like to help me out when you sign up, type “aztecgold” (lowercase) in the referral box and they’ll set you up.

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