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It’s been a while since I posted anything, but there’s been some changes in the market and so I wanted to get something out there and express some of my thoughts on what’s going on with the gold and silver markets.

First of all, gold and silver have been in a bear market the last six years or so. It hasn’t been a very fun market to participate in, but it looks like things may be turning around.

As of lately, as of this year, the stock market looks like it’s going into a bear market. It’s been in a bull market. It’s been going up the last six years as gold and silver have been going down.

Now, finally, it looks like there may be an inverse relationship with gold and silver and the stock market. It seemed like even when…in the last six years, even when the stock market went down at certain times, when there were drops in the market, typically, you would think that investors would buy gold and silver or gold and silver mining stocks as a hedge against the fall of the stock market.

But that never happened. The gold and silver mining stocks would go down with the stock market. Now, in the last couple months or last couple of weeks, it looks like that has changed.

There’s been an inverse relationship. As the stock market has been going down, gold and silver mining stocks have been going up or have been maintaining themselves and staying strong.

This is the first time that I’ve seen this in a while, in many years, and it looks like this is a good sign for gold and silver. And I feel like we will be entering a new bull market with gold and silver.

Even though the physical price of gold and silver hasn’t changed that much yet as I mentioned, the gold and silver mining stocks have been going up on the days that the stock market has been going down. That is a very good sign and it’s still a very good time to enter the market.

Gold and silver mining stocks are still very much undervalue along with physical gold and silver. So, now is a time to get in. It looks like we may be taking a ride back up to the top and it’s gonna take a few years. It’s not gonna happen overnight but things are looking good.

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Dallas Piscopo


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