How to Setup Goldmoney Account in 5 Minutes

Having a stash of physical gold and silver bullion is recommended for not only precious metals investors, but all investors.  Really I recommend this to everyone I know, investor or not.

If you don’t know the reasons why it’s important to hold physical gold and silver, well HERE’S 10 great reasons. 

But personally storing a large amount of gold and silver has its challenges like…

  • Personal Safety: holding large amounts of gold and silver around your house can be extremely risky and uncomfortable for most people.
  • Theft: Along the lines of personal safety, your physical gold and silver can be extremely vulnerable to theft.
  • Convenience: there is a lot of energy that goes into buying physical gold and silver.  They either have to be shipped to you or you pick them up, both options taking time.  Once you have them, then you have to store and guard them in a safe place which you never feel 100% comfortable with.
  • Liquidity:  just like buying, selling is a very time and energy driven transaction.  You have to physically collect your precious metals and take them to the place of exchange and then deposit the money into your account. Not the fastest process in the world.

For these reasons I recommend services like allocated storage (Brinks and Kitco) to traditional investors.  

But given the convenience of modern technology and the advancements made in online banking and cryptocurrencies, digital allocated precious metals storage has become a great option.

There are a few companies online where you can set-up an allocated gold or silver storage account but one of the most popular, reputable, and respected is


Below are some of the advantages of buying gold through an online company like…

Allocated Storage:

shutterstock_285324407This is a crucial feature and whether using or not, only buy digital gold or silver companies that practice allocated storage.  

This means the gold you buy is designated to you and to you only.  You may not be able to see it, but whatever gold Goldmoney sells to you, they set-it aside just for you.

Because stores physical gold, you always have the option to redeem your account holdings into physical bullion that can be shipped to you.

As opposed to risky pool storages, very bad idea, where multiple investors have claim to a paper share of the precious metals content.  With pool storage, you cannot redeem your paper ownership into actual physical gold and silver.


Because all transactions are digital, the costs are much lower and you pay closer to actual spot price.  

There are a lot of overhead costs like handling, shipping, and storage when dealing with physical gold and silver.  This is why you always have to cover a significant margin above or below spot price when buying or selling. 

Flexible: accepts deposits from all major credit cards, banks, and even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.  So it’s very simple and fast to buy and sell gold money any time of the day.  

Unlike buying and selling physical gold traditionally, is extremely liquid. 

You can easily send money abroad without paying foreign exchange fees or commission fees.  Transferring gold money between accounts is a free service provided by

Once setting up an account, you’re provided with a Goldmoney MasterCard that you can use to make credit card purchases.  So you can use it just like a debit card, anywhere in the world, to buy common goods and services, or pull cash from an ATM.  Pretty cool huh!

There are no monthly fees and the only fee you pay is the 1% gold redemption fee to load the card. Particulars
Cost to Open AccountFree
Minimums0.001 Grams
Maximum1,000 Grams (32 Troy Ounces)
Insured Storage FeeFree
Transfer to Another Goldmoney AccountFree
Deposit and Redemption Fee1% above the Best Bid or Offer Spot Price
Free Deposit OptionsMajor Credit Cards, Bank Wire, Cryptocurrencies
Bank Redemption Fee0.5 Grams
Physcial Redemption Fee0.5 Grams + Shipping and Insurance


Just to show you easy it is, watch the video below where I setup a Goldmoney account and deposit gold into that account in less than five minutes.  (This is the first time I set one up myself so did it in one take!).

Click HERE to setup your Goldmoney account too! 

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